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International Pizza Pie

International Pizza Pie

For Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza, 2016 has been a year of exciting opportunities and remarkable advances.  Not only did the company take its quality product into new territories nationwide, but it can now officially say that its development team has crafted and served up their first international pizza. Cottage Inn China is just weeks away […]

Cottage Inn Pizza Orlando – Now Open!

Cottage Inn Pizza Orlando – Now Open!

Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza has successfully made its grand entrance into the Florida market, and the development team could not be happier with the outcome.  On August 19,2016 the franchise opened its doors to Cottage Inn Orlando, bringing piping hot gourmet pizzas to the Sunshine State. Conquering territory in Florida has always been high on […]

2016 Cottage Inn Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Cottage Inn Scholarship recipients! 1st – John Sipple John is studying Mechanical Engineering at West Virginia Institute of Technology. After he graduates, John hopes to stay local and put his mechanical engineering degree to good use. John got his first taste of Cottage Inn Pizza after visiting our store in Polaris, […]

Cottage Inn is Coming to Florida!

Cottage Inn is flying south! We will be opening many locations in Florida, but our first location is opening up just down the street from University of Central Florida. Get excited Knights! We are thrilled to be expanding beyond the Midwest region and bringing our delicious pizza to our fans in the South. Over the […]

A Cottage Inn Proposal

30 years ago Diane and Jim got engaged at The Original Cottage Inn. Since then, they have moved out to California. While there isn’t a Cottage Inn out in California, we still wanted to make their day special. To celebrate their anniversary this past weekend on October 4th, we sent special t-shirts and some olive […]

Eat Well Travel Often

“Eat Well and Travel Often” 5 Tips that will change the way you travel Sometimes you just need to escape. Take a vacation and travel to the places that are better to see once in person than to hear about 100 times. Old or young, traveling is an essential part of anyone’s journey and can […]

Calorie Count Regulation

Its 4pm on a Tuesday and your finishing up your final projects at work. Knowing that you only have 30 minutes to get through that dreary traffic and to your kids soccer game leaves very little time to think about dinner. You’re trying to stay health conscious but inevitably are forced to turn to quick […]

Summer Fling

Temperatures over 70 degrees  and days full of sunshine draw people to the lakes in a way that bees draw in bears with the sweet smell of honey. Families pack up their swim suits and head to the waves craving the nostalgic feeling they get every time the summer months dance around us. Time shared […]

Cottage Inn’s Gourmet Graduation Party Ideas

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until its done.” While the road to graduation can often times feel like it never ends, the month of May continues to produce fresh graduates eager to start the next chapter of their lives. Lawyers, teachers, doctors and entrepreneurs are released into the real world […]

Top Social Pizza franchise of 2015- Cottage Inn?

Cottage Inn is moving in all over Michigan. Three new sites will be popping up in western Michigan. Cottage Inn Battle Creek, Cottage Inn Portage and Cottage Inn Allendale are in development.  With double digit sales growth happening at 90% of the stores, it is a great time to become a Cottage Inn franchisee.  How […]

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