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The 5 Stages of Deciding What’s for Dinner

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It’s that time of year where family comes together, gives thanks, and eats. Planning meals that everyone likes can seem nearly impossible.

1. Everyone decides they’re hungry

It becomes clear quickly that everyone is hungry and it’s time to decide what’s on the menu for the evening.


2. Discuss what could be made at home

What does everyone feel like? Lasagna? Mashed Potatoes? Anything??


3. Give up on cooking, and pull out the take out menus

So. Many. Options.


4. Tedious process of elimination

Uncle Joe doesn’t want Italian and cousin Jim doesn’t want burgers. It’s an uphill battle.


5. Give up and order pizza

There’s a pizza for everyone, unless you don’t like pizza, then we can’t help you.


Good luck with your holiday company!

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