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Sometimes it just feels good to switch things up a little. Our Gourmet pizzas are great, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to what’s on the menu! Try adding subtle twists to old favorites to customize your pizza experience. Here are some of our favorite ways to switch up your Cottage Inn Gourmet pizzas and make […]

How Much Do You Actually Know About Pizza?

Do you know how many slices of pizza the average American eats per year? What about the most popular pizza topping? Test your knowledge about our favorite food right here. Prove your smarts and receive an exclusive deal from Cottage Inn Pizza.

Cottage Inn Helps to Save Hearts Across the State

Save a Heart with Cottage Inn and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital   February is Heart Month, which means Cottage Inn is teaming up with C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital for the Save a Heart campaign. This campaign is set to advance care, research, and support for families of those with congenital heart defects.   The University […]

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