Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza has successfully made its grand entrance into the Florida market, and the development team could not be happier with the outcome.  On August 19,2016 the franchise opened its doors to Cottage Inn Orlando, bringing piping hot gourmet pizzas to the Sunshine State.

Conquering territory in Florida has always been high on the docket for this Michigan based company. While Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza has spent the year 2016 engaging in many expansion-driven initiatives, taking their unique pizza to Florida has proven to be both exciting and groundbreaking.  Although the brand currently has over 50 locations in Michigan and Ohio, the move to Florida marks the first southern store and paves the way for national presence.

The partners of the Florida development team are elated with their newest investment.  Although this endeavor fell in unchartered territory, all members involved ensured no stone was left unturned.  When breaking into a new territory, Cottage Inn takes their approach a step beyond the traditional market research, as they truly believe in emerging themselves within the community at hand.  The Orlando team was able to accomplish just that, as they welcomed Ric Castro (Business Development Manager, Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce) and fellow residents to try a slice of the gourmet experience at the Cottage Inn Orlando Grand Opening.

According to market forecasts, Cottage Inn Orlando has potential for record breaking sales and endless growth possibilities. The franchise group is proud of their creation and look forward to their future with Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza.  As stated by Rohit Mall, Area Developer, “I love the Orlando area.  I feel as if we have found another great home for Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza.  We are right on the front doorstep of the University of Central Florida and are pleased to say that the number of students and local residents that have already become fans of our pizza is staggering.  Although initial market research led us to the Orlando area, the immediate connection with the city is what will keep us here.”

While Cottage Inn Orlando is busy making its splash to the Florida market, the team does have a plan of action to continue growing the territory.  Whether you are a Jaguar, Dolphin, or Buccaneer, Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza hopes to one day provide their gourmet pizza to fans all over the state on game days to come.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting time with Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza, check out the franchising website at .