If you’re looking for great pizza and exciting family fun, look no further than Cottage Inn Pizza in Hillsdale, MI! Donna Olmstead, owner of Hillsdale’s Cottage Inn Pizza, featured on the cover of Simply Hers‘ July/August 2020 issue. In the cover story, Donna describes how she turned Cottage Inn Pizza into not just a restaurant, but an attraction. For years now, Hillsdale’s Cottage Inn Pizza has been a place for gourmet pizza, family fun, and birthday parties. In 2019, Donna recognized a “need to expand” to keep up with the growing number of orders. During this time, Hillsdale’s Silos Fun Park was put up for sale. Donna had “a light bulb moment.” The Fun Park was known for its go-karts, driving range, arcade, mini golf, and bumper boats. Donna knew just the thing to make it even better — pizza!

For months, Donna and her family worked tirelessly to move the store over to the new location. They painted, cleaned, restored the attractions at Silo’s, and even added a 3,750 ft addition to make space for a second-level arcade and banquet room. The results? Something seriously special. We are so thankful to have Donna as a member of our family. Please join us in congratulating her for creating a space that’s fun for all Hillsdale residents.

The Hillsdale Cottage Inn Pizza is currently in the running for the 2020 Best of Hillsdale County Awards! Click here to cast your votes.

Check out the article in Simply Hers below.


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