At Cottage Inn, every day is pizza day. But April 7 was National Deep Dish Pizza Day, and we were excited to celebrate in a big way with all of our fans.

Our customers love our deep dish pizza, which is perfect for any of our gourmet toppings and sauces – and the media has taken notice as well. Several Michigan TV stations featured Cottage Inn for National Deep Dish Pizza Day, and many more posted on social media to promote the brand and pizza. Here are a few of our favorites:

• ABC Detroit: In a feature segment, the station’s anchors their memories of eating Cottage Inn pizza throughout their lives. Click here to watch the placement.
• FOX Detroit: Cottage Inn’s Senior Director of Store Operations Tom Carras made deep-dish pizza on air, creating a dynamic and colorful segment that brought the brand to life. Click here to see the action.
• FOX 17 Morning Mix Kalamazoo: One of the most unique placements of the day, the hosts of Morning Mix enjoyed Cottage Inn’s deep dish pizza for lunch during a Facebook Live video broadcast to the station’s followers. Click here to watch.

All in all, National Deep Dish Pizza Day garnered more than 22,000 social media impressions, 250,000 online visitors and more than 110,000 television viewers. We were thrilled with all the outstanding coverage and we hope that when our new and returning customers think of deep-dish pizza, they think of Cottage Inn.