Food mashups are a trendy way to combine two delicious dishes into a flavor combination that will blow you away, and what’s better loved than pizza? At Cottage Inn, we believe that pizza should be enjoyed every day and in every way – and that includes for dessert!

That is exactly why we introduced our Apple Pie-zza, a mind-blowing combination of apple pie and pizza. Our newest dessert features a cheesecake filling base and is topped with delectable cinnamon apples, all on a sweet, doughy pizza crust.

From cronuts (croissant + doughnut) to brookies (brownie + cookie), dessert mashups are a popular way to enjoy the sweetest parts of life. Data backs up our love for sweet treats too – in a recent study, data showed that 39 percent of Americans order dessert at least once a week. Why not try something completely unique and totally delicious, like our Apple Pie-zza?

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