Its 4pm on a Tuesday and your finishing up your final projects at work. Knowing that you only have 30 minutes to get through that dreary traffic and to your kids soccer game leaves very little time to think about dinner. You’re trying to stay health conscious but inevitably are forced to turn to quick service restaurants with your busy schedule. What do you do?


Thanks to the FDA, staying health conscious while working with that busy schedule has now become more of a reality and less of a distant dream. With regulation to begin in November, you can expect to see calorie counts on all quick service restaurant menus, including Cottage Inn! Sound too good to be true? We have provided a breakdown of what you can expect out of this new regulation so that you can sit back, relax and know that a health conscious on the go lifestyle is within your reach!


Who is expected to partake in this new regulation?

The FDA has stated that any quick service business with over 20 locations will be expected to follow the new regulations. Quick service includes all convenience stores, bakeries, coffee shops, pizza chains, amusement parks and vending machines.


Are beverages included?

All beverages are to be included in this new regulation, including alcohol!


What nutritional information can I expect to see in addition to calories?

While menus and menu boards are only required to list the calorie count in products, stores are expected to have other information readily available upon a customer’s request. All sodium counts, grams of fat and sugar amounts must be available.


What is the nutritional information based off of?

The nutritional information is expected to be based off of the standard 2,000 calorie diet.


When does this regulation begin?

By November 2015, all qualifying quick service restaurants are expected to have calorie counts listed on their menus.


Where can I find additional information about this topic?

The FDA has plenty of resources available about this topic. Visit their website for more information!




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