“Eat Well and Travel Often”

5 Tips that will change the way you travel

Sometimes you just need to escape. Take a vacation and travel to the places that are better to see once in person than to hear about 100 times. Old or young, traveling is an essential part of anyone’s journey and can create memories to last a life time. So unplug, unwind and unravel the stresses of your work week. Its travel time and we are here to guide you!

In order to eat well and travel often, one has to be strategic in their vacationing. Remember these tips on your next adventure and rest assured that you will be applauded for your sojourning swag.

1. Pack Less

While you might be tempted to pack that extra pair of shoes and back up charger for your iPad, in reality, less is more! Remember that this is vacation, a time to leave the extra luggage that weighs on you behind. Pack the essentials and place your focus on the memories being made rather than the materials you think you need to obtain them.

2. Get Lost

While you might be one of those who love to plan every detail of your travels, remember to leave time for a little adventure. Explore the area around you and maybe even discover an unbelievable restaurant that isn’t highlighted in your concierge guide. There’s a huge world out there, go out and discover it.

3. Wake up Early

Sleeping through the day is only wasting precious sunlight! Beat the crowds, avoid the late night dangers, and get your sightseeing done during the early morning. It’s a beautiful time of the day, and you will feel great breathing in the morning air!

4. Eat Locally

Love pizza? Try something new and ask the locals where they prefer to grab a slice! You never know if that perfect pie is right around the corner, so get out there and find it!

5. Relax and Enjoy the Journey

It’s your vacation, so treat it as one! Turn off your work brain and get down to the root of your happiness. Find your Zen, enjoy where you’re at and appreciate who you’re with! Vacations are over before you know it, so soak it in while you can!

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