Cottage Inn pizzeria franchising is off to a good start in 2015. With cheese and gas prices down (the pizza industries gold & silver), stores are realizing record profits.
Cottage inn forayed into the digital world in 2011 with on-line ordering and social media marketing and then upped the intensity in 2013 with digital marketing through a multitude of channels; desktops, mobile devices, and in-app advertising. With easy to analyze data, we were able to determine a direct correlation between digital marketing and sales growth that could never be achieved with print.
As the world continues to move across devices, multi-task watching their televisions while being equally or more focused on their digital devices, the expansion needs to continue. Cottage Inn will continue to grow the franchise community and pizza sales by segueing into on-line videos.
In April we will be broadcasting a fun twist on pizza for April Fool’s Day as well as stream some video from some local fund-raising and other promotional events such as Victor’s Day at the University of Michigan and MIS-Nascar races this summer.
The world of pizza is fun and exciting and the internet is the perfect medium to convey that message. If you are interested in franchising today or in the future check out our franchise website at

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