Cottage Inn is moving in all over Michigan. Three new sites will be popping up in western Michigan. Cottage Inn Battle Creek, Cottage Inn Portage and Cottage Inn Allendale are in development.  With double digit sales growth happening at 90% of the stores, it is a great time to become a Cottage Inn franchisee.  How are we making such big strides you ask?

Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza has moved from the traditional cross channel marketing of Print, Billboards, Radio and Television to what I like to call the Millennial-Baby Boomer Marketing Challenge.  It is a challenge that we are meeting, but everyday knew marketing streams emerge.  Today Cottage Inn is socially active on: Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin. When pizza pictures are too perfect to not post we utilize Instagram, Twitter and soon to come Moquu. Let’s not forget on-line ordering, loyalty programs and text marketing.  Now with Youtube, Vine and Twitter video we will have a whole new arena to advertise via streaming.  Print and local store marketing are still very much apart of what we do everyday but with technology our cross channel marketing has gone from 4 basic avenues to 30+ and as technology continues to evolve even more avenues may arise.

What is key to being successful in the world of Pizza is a lot more than just serving the best product on the market, it now involves showing that product as often  as you can through a multitude of media channels.

No worries here, if you join Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza, we got you covered!



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