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True or False?: Pizza Edition

True or False?: Pizza Edition

Time to test your pizza smarts! Can you tell which fun facts are true, and which are false? Start the quiz below to find out how much you really know about pizza.   How did you do? Let us know your score! You can tweet us at @CottageInn or contact us at any of the social […]

Quiz: Can we guess your favorite pizza topping?

Quiz: Can we guess your favorite pizza topping?

It’s true that pizza brings people together. Who doesn’t love a slice of hot pizza covered in their favorite toppings? Although we all love pizza, we also have different opinions about which type of pizza is the best. Do you prefer a slice that’s loaded with veggies, or do you go straight for the bacon […]

Cottage Inn Celebrates National Selfie Day with Free Pizza

Cottage Inn Celebrates National Selfie Day with Free Pizza

Celebrate your-selfie! In case you missed it, June 21st was National Selfie Day. In honor of the day, we thought it would be fun to hold a selfie contest! We asked Cottage Inn Pizza customers to post their selfies for a chance to win a $50 gift card. All they had to do was strike […]

Cottage Inn Pizza Sends Five Lucky Fans to Michigan International Speedway

Cottage Inn Pizza Sends Five Lucky Fans to Michigan International Speedway

Buckle up, NASCAR fans! Cottage Inn Pizza is back at Michigan International Speedway for the summer. Cottage Inn has been the official pizza sponsor at MIS since 2011. For the past eight years, we have provided tasty cheese and pepperoni pizzas to fans at NASCAR’s fastest track. On race days, we bake thousands of delicious […]

Gourmet Madness Continues: The Saucy 16

Welcome back, pizza fans! Gourmet Madness may have just begun, but the excitement is already in full-swing. Fans were blown away when the underdog, the Pricebuster, beat out the fan-favorite Hawaiian in the first round. Fans of the Hawaiian are blaming pie-hard PriceBuster fans for the loss. Some claim that Hawaiian-haters are guilty of plastering […]

Gourmet Madness Is Back!

Pizza fans everywhere, we have fantastic news for you! Gourmet Madness has officially begun. Over the next few weeks, 32 Cottage Inn Gourmet pizzas will compete in a tournament of their very own. Look forward to five rounds full of competition, excitement, and of course, great pizza. In the end, only one Gourmet pizza will […]

Make It Your Own

Sometimes it just feels good to switch things up a little. Our Gourmet pizzas are great, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to what’s on the menu! Try adding subtle twists to old favorites to customize your pizza experience. Here are some of our favorite ways to switch up your Cottage Inn Gourmet pizzas and make […]

How Much Do You Actually Know About Pizza?

Do you know how many slices of pizza the average American eats per year? What about the most popular pizza topping? Test your knowledge about our favorite food right here. Prove your smarts and receive an exclusive deal from Cottage Inn Pizza.

Which Gourmet Pizza is perfect for you?

Do you find yourself spending hours deciding which pizza you want to order? Take our quiz to help you decide!  

Pizza Art

Pizza has been the main course for many parties, ceremonies, and celebrations. When you think of fun food you can always put pizza at the top of the chart. The colorful delicious toppings on a pizza and pulling a slice away while watching the cheese stretch form the other slices makes pizza an art. But […]

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